Chart Position: 27

  • Lead vocals: Benjamin Orr
  • Written by Ric Ocasek
  • Guitar: Elliot Easton
  • Keyboards: Greg Hawkes
  • Backing vocals: Ric Ocasek, Elliot Easton, Greg Hawkes and David Robinson
  • Produced by Roy Thomas Baker
  • Recorded in Boston MA
  • The Cars are from Boston MA
  • Later recorded by Top of the Pops (1979), Big Daddy (1983), Slap of Reality (1991), Replicants (1995), Diskothi-Q (1996), Bang Tango (1998), Toshi Reagon (2002), W.I.T. (2003),  Steve Ball (2003), Sister Hazel (2004), Melissa Ellen (2004), Shanghai 5 (2005), Radio Friendly (2006), Kate McGarry (2008) and many others

just what I Needed

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