Raspberry Beret – Prince

Chart Position: 2

  • Written and produced by Prince
  • Lead vocals: Prince
  • Keyboards: Prince, Dr. Fink, Lisa Coleman
  • Guitar: Prince, Wendy Melvoin
  • Backing vocals: Wendy and Susannah Melvoin, Lisa Coleman
  • Violin: Novi Novog
  • Recorded in Minneapolis MN
  • Later recorded by Kate Ceberano (2007)

raspberry beret


Centerfield – John Fogerty

Chart Position: NR

  • Written and produced by John Fogerty
  • Guitar: John Fogerty
  • Keyboards: John Fogerty
  • This was originally the ‘b’ side of ‘Rock & Roll Girls’ (1985)
  • Along with ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ this is one of the best-known songs about the sport of baseball and is played frequently at professional baseball games

Oh Girl – Boy Meets Girl

Chart Position: 39

  • Written by George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam
  • Vocals: George Merrill, Shannon Rubicam
  • Guitar: John Goux, Scott Shelly
  • Keyboards: George Merrill
  • Produced by Tom Werman
  • Boy Meets Girl is from Seattle WA

boy meets girl

Animal Instinct – Commodores

Chart Position: NR

  • Written by Martin Page
  • Lead vocals: Walter Orange
  • Keyboards: William King, Milan Williams, Peter Wolf
  • Guitar: Peter Maunu, Paul Jackson Jr
  • Backing vocals: William King, Ronald LaPread, J.D. Nicholas
  • Produced by Dennis Lambert
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA

You’re the Only Love – Paul Hyde and Payolas

Chart Position: NR

  • Lead vocals: Paul Hyde
  • Guitar: Bob Rock
  • Produced by David Foster
  • Paul Hyde & Payolas are from Vancouver, Canada

Tin Man – America

Chart Position: 4

  • Lead vocals: Dewey Bunnell
  • Written by Dewey Bunnell
  • Guitar: Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek, Gerry Beckley
  • Backing vocals: Dan Peek, Gerry Beckley
  • Keyboards: George Martin
  • Recorded in London U.K.
  • Produced by George Martin
  • ‘Tin Man’ is one of the characters in L Frank Baughm’s classic book and film The Wizard of Oz
  • Later recorded by Beelzebubs (1977), Mike Eilers & Central Time (1992) and Jericho Roseales (2009)


Love Me for a Reason – Osmonds

Chart Position: 10

  • Originally recorded by Johnny Bristol (1974)
  • Written by Wade Brown, Johnny Bristol and David Jones Jr.
  • Vocals: Alan, Wayne Merrill, Donny and Jay Osmond
  • Keyboards: Alan Osmond
  • Guitar: Alan Osmond
  • Produced by Mike Curb
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA
  • Later recorded by Boyzone (1994)

osmonds love me for reason

Second Avenue – Tim Moore

Chart Position: NR

  • Written by Tim Moore
  • Guitar: Tim Moore
  • Keyboards: Tim Moore
  • Produced by Nick Jameson
  • Tim Moore is from New York City NY
  • Later recorded by Art Garfunkel (1975)

tim moore

Don’t Send Nobody Else – Ace Spectrum

Chart Position: NR

  • Written by Nic Ashford and Valerie Simpson
  • Produced by Ed Zant and Tony Sylvester
  • Ace Spectrum is from New York City NY
  • This is Ace Spectrum’s only hit single

The Bitch is Back – Elton John

Chart Position: 4

  • Written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin
  • Keyboards: Elton John
  • Guitar: Davey Johnstone
  • Backing vocals: Clydie King, Sherlie Matthews, Dusty Springfield and Jessie Mae Smith
  • Saxophone: Lenny Pickett
  • Horns: Tower of Power horn section
  • Produced by Gus Dudgeon
  • Recorded in Nederland CO
  • Song lyricist Bernie Taupin’s then-wife Maxine actually came up with the phrase that Bernie turned into the title to describe Elton’s John’s mercurial moods
  • The 1974 LP Caribou was originally going to be called ‘Ol’ Pink Eyes is Back’ but was changed after Frank ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ Sinatra threatened to sue
  • Many U.S. radio station programmers at the time would not allow this song to be played because of the word bitch
  • Later recorded by Tina Turner (1978) (1991), Vince Neil (2010) and Miley Cyrus (2018)