Listen Here – Eddie Harris

Chart Position: NR

  • Written by Eddie Harris
  • Saxophone: Eddie Harris
  • Produced by Arif Mardin



Here Comes the Judge – Shorty Long

Chart Position: 8

  • Written by Shorty Long, Billie Jean Brown and Suzanne de Passe
  • Backing vocals: Andantes and Originals
  • Instruments: Funk Brothers
  • Produced by Shorty Long
  • Recorded in Detroit MI
  • Based on a comedy routine from NBC-TV’s Rown & Martin’s Laugh-In
  • This is not the same song as Pigmeat Markham’s ‘Here Comes the Judge’ (1968)
  • Also recorded by Magistrates(1968) and Eddie Harris (1968)

shorty long.jpeg

Can’t You See Me Cry – New Colony Six

Chart Position: NR

  • Written by Gerry Van Kollenburg and Ray Graffia
  • Lead vocals: Ron Rice
  • Backing vocals: Ray Graffia
  • Guitar: Ron Rice and Gerry Van Kollenburg
  • Keyboards: Ron Rice

People Sure Act Funny – Arthur Conley

Chart Position: NR

  • Originally recorded by Titus Turner (1962)
  • Written by James McDougal and Titus Turner
  • Produced by Tom Dowd
  • Recorded in Memphis TN
  • Also recorded by Steve Alaimo (1965), Don Garner & Dee Dee Ford (1963),  Shorty Long (1968), Lonnie Smith (1969), Baby Washington (1968), Duke & the Drivers (1976), Les Carlton (1973) and Big Bill Morganfield (2001)


Time for Livin’ – Association

Chart Position: 39

  • Written by Don and Dick Addrissi
  • Lead vocals: Larry Ramos, Russ Gugierre
  • Backing vocals: Terry Kirkman, Brian Cole, Jim Yester and Ted Bluechel
  • Produced by Bones Howe
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA


Whiskey on a Sunday – Irish Rovers

Chart Position: NR

  • Originally recorded by Danny Doyle (1968)
  • Written by Glen Hughes
  • Vocals: Will, Joe and George Millar and Jimmy Ferguson
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA
  • Later recorded by Dubliners (1969)

Love in the First Degree – Alabama

Chart Position: 15

  • Written by Jim Hurt and Tim Dubois
  • Lead vocals: Randy Owen
  • Guitar: Randy Owen, Jeff Cook, Fred Newell, Billy Reynolds
  • Backing vocals: Jeff Cook, Teddy Gentry, Billy Reynolds
  • Produced by Harold Shedd and Alabama
  • Recorded in Nashville TN
  • The 1981 LP ‘Mountain Music’ won Best country performance- group Grammy award
  • This is Alabamas biggest hit single


Destroyer – Kinks

Chart Position: NR

  • Lead vocals: Ray Davies
  • Written and produced by Ray Davies
  • Guitar: Ray and Dave Davies
  • Keyboards: Ian Gibbons, Ray Davies
  • Recorded in London U.K.
  • This song continues the saga of Lola the transvestite from ‘Lola’ (1970)

Never Too Much – Luther Vandross

Chart Position: NR

  • Written and produced by Luther Vandross
  • Keyboards: Nat Adderley Jr and Ed Walsh
  • Guitar: Steve Love, Georg Wadenius
  • Recorded in New York City NY
  • Luther Vandross is from New York City NY
  • Later recorded by Craig T. Cooper (1996), Paul Jackson Jr (2004), Richard Smith (1997) and Mary J. Blige (2005)

luther vandross


Turn Your Love Around – George Benson

Chart Position: 5

  • #27 bestseller for 1982
  • Won Best R&B song Grammy award
  • Written by Bill Champlin, Steve Lukather and Jay Graydon
  • Guitar: George Benson
  • Produced by Jay Graydon
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA