Headed for a Fall – Firefall

Chart Position: 35

  • Lead vocals: Rick Roberts
  • Written by Rick Roberts
  • Guitar: Larry Burnett, Jock Bartley, Rick Roberts
  • Keyboards: Paul Harris, David Muse
  • Produced by Tom Dowd
  • Recorded in Miami FL and Los Angeles CA


Its Not a Wonder – Little River Band

Chart Position: NR

  • Written by Graham Goble
  • Lead vocals: Glenn Shorrock
  • Guitar: Graham Goble, Bebe Birtles, David Briggs
  • Keyboards: Peter Sullivan
  • Produced by John Boylen
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA

Midnight Rendezvous – Babys

Chart Position: NR

  • Written by John Waite and Jonathan Cain
  • Lead vocals: John Waite
  • Keyboards: Jonathan Cain
  • Guitar: Wally Stocker
  • Produced by Keith Olsen
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA

Should’ve Never Let You Go – Neil and Dara Sedaka

Chart Position: 19

  • Written by Neil Sedaka and Phil Cody
  • Lead vocals: Neil and Dara Sedaka
  • Keyboards: Neil Sedaka
  • Produced by Neil Sedaka and Robert Appere
  • Dara Sedaka is Neil Sedaka’s daughter

neil and dara

Power – Temptations

Chart Position: NR

  • Lead vocals: Glenn Leonard, Dennis Edwards and Richard Street

Gee Whiz – Bernadette Peters

Chart Position: 31

  • Written and originally recorded by Carla Thomas (1961)
  • This is actress Bernadette Peters’ only hit single


Eve of Destruction – Barry McGuire

Chart Position: 1

  • Originally recorded by Turtles (1965)
  • Written by P.F. Sloan
  • Instruments: Wrecking Crew
  • Produced by Lou Adler, Steve Barri and P.F. Sloan
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA
  • This was an anti-Vietnam war anthem
  • Barry McGuire is a former member of New Christy Minstrels and has acted in several films including The President’s Analyst (1967)
  • McGuire’s vocal was only intended to be a rough take but the recording got into the hands of an LA DJ and the ensuing popular demand prompted the record label to issue the single without a more polished vocal
  • McGuire read the lyrics off of a piece of paper
  • Barry McGuire later became a contemporary Christian performer; he includes this song in concert but with updated lyrics
  • This is Barry McGuire’s only #1 single
  • Later recorded by Jan and Dean (1965), Grass Roots (1966), Dickies (1978) and Screaming Jets (1997)

barry mcguire

Sugar Dumpling – Sam Cooke

Chart Position: 32

  • Written by Sam Cooke
  • Instruments: Wrecking Crew
  • Originally released on LP in 1962
  • Produced by Hugo and Luigi
  • Recorded in New York City NY and Los Angeles CA

If You Wait for Love – Bobby Goldsboro

Chart Position: NR

  • Written by Bobby Goldsboro
  • Produced by Jack Gold

You Tell Me Why – Beau Brummels

Chart Position: 38

  • Written by Ron Elliott
  • Lead vocals: Sal Valentino
  • Guitar: Ron Elliott, Declan Mulligan
  • Produced  by Sly Stone
  • Recorded in San Francisco CA
  • Later recorded by Atlantics (1967) and Leo Kottke (1974)