The Jam Was Moving – Debbie Harry

Chart Position: NR

  • Written and produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards
  • Guitar: Chris Stein, Nile Rodgers
  • Keyboards: Robert Sabino, Nathaniel S Hardy Jr
  • Backing vocals: Mark Mothersbaugh, Gerald Casale
  • Recorded in New York City NY

I’m Just Too Shy – Jermaine Jackson

Chart Position: NR

  • Written and produced by Jermaine Jackson

Rhinestone Cowboy – Glen Campbell

Chart Position: 1

  • #2 bestseller for 1975
  • Written and originally recorded by Larry Weiss (1974)
  • Produced by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA
  • This is Glen Campbell’s biggest hit single
  • The lyrics reflect the perspective of a faded country music star, a subject that resonated with Glen Campbell who had not had a hit record in four years as well as having his hit CBS TV series cancelled
  • This song was the inspiration for the 1984 Sylvester Stallone film Rhinestone
  • Also recorded by Chris LeDoux (1975), Wayne Newton (1976), Loretta Lynn (1976), Slim Whitman (1976), Charley Pride (1977), Don Estelle (1977), Rhett Sanborn (1980), Grant & Forsyth (1991), John Primer (1992), Party Animals (1996), Lee Towers (1999), David Hasselhoff (2004), Acoustic Guitar Troubadours (2009), Andy Lee Lang (2010), Blake Shelton (2015) and many others

rhinestone cowboy

I’ll Do For You Anything You Want Me To – Barry White

Chart Position: 40

  • Written and produced by Barry White
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA

Sneakin’ Up Behind You – Brecker Brothers

Chart Position: NR

  • Written by Michael and Randy Brecker, Don Grolnick, Will Lee and David Sanborn
  • Saxophone: Michael Brecker, David Sanborn
  • Trumpet: Randy Brecker
  • Keyboards: Don Grolnick
  • Guitar: Bob Mann
  • Produced by Randy Brecker
  • Recorded in New York City NY
  • Brecker Brothers are from New York City NY
  • This is Brecker Brothers’ only hit single

brecker brothers

Spirit of the Boogie – Kool and the Gang

Chart Position: 35

  • Lead vocals: Robert ‘Kool’ Bell
  • Written and produced by Kool and the Gang
  • Guitar: Amir-Salaam Bayaan
  • Keyboards: Khalis Bayaan, Ricky West
  • Backing vocals: Donal Boyce, George Brown, Dennis Thomas, Robert Mickens, Ricky West, Otha Nash
  • Recorded in New York City NY

Black Friday – Steely Dan

Chart Position: 37

  • Lead vocals: Donald Fagen
  • Written by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker
  • Backing vocals: Michael McDonald
  • Keyboards: Donald Fagen, Michael Omartian, David Paich
  • Guitar: Walter Becker, Hugh McCracken
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA
  • Produced by Gary Katz
  • The ‘Black Friday’ referred to in this song refers to Sept 24 1869 when a group of investors ploy to drive up the price of gold failed

black friday

Sure Feels Good – Elvin Bishop

Chart Position: NR

  • Written by Elvin Bishop, Angie Alan and David Ebensberger and Al Green
  • Guitar: Elvin Bishop, Johnny Vernazza
  • Recorded in Sausalito CA
  • Produced by Johnny Sandlin

elvin bishop

Free Man – South Shore Commission

Chart Position: NR

  • Lead vocals: David Abner Scott
  • South Shore Commission is from Chicago IL
  • This is South Shore Commission’s only hit single

Another Night – Hollies

Chart Position: NR

  • Written by Allan Clarke, Tony Hicks and Terry Sylvester
  • Lead vocals: Allan Clarke
  • Backing vocals: Tony Hicks, Terry Sylvester
  • Guitar: Allan Clarke, Terry Sylvester, Tony Hicks
  • Keyboards: Bernie Calvert, Pete Wingfield
  • Produced by Ron Richards
  • Recorded in London U.K.