Was it Elton John who once said his songs were ‘disposable’? If its disposable how come people like you and me still enjoy old pop songs 30-something years later?

This site is a celebration of the music that dominated the airwaves during the ‘Golden Age’ of pop/rock from the years 1963 through 1988. You will find every one of the songs that made the Billboard Top 40 as well as songs that made the Cashbox Hot 100, all listed by year and by month, with Top 40 position and a wealth of other information, including:

  • songwriter
  • producer
  • artist who first recorded the song
  • other artists to record the song
  • contributing artists
  • interesting information about making of the recording or history of the song

Some entries have a lot of information, some have very little; however this is a ‘live’ document that is continually being updated.  So come back often!


As you can see from this website, my avocation is music historian. I am an engineer by trade. I live in the Charlotte NC area.


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