Chart Position: NR

  • Written by Marty Balin
  • Lead vocals: Marty Balin
  • Backing vocals: Grace Slick, Paul Kantner
  • Guitar: Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen, Marty Balin
  • Produced by Al Schmitt
  • Recorded in San Francisco CA
  • When their record company complained about drug references on the upcoming 1969 LP Volunteers, Jefferson Airplane decided to form their own label
  • Grace Slick’s appearance in blackface during a Jefferson Airplane appearance on the CBS-TV Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in Dec 1968 helped lead to the show’s cancellation a few months later
  • Slick was inadvertently invited to a White House function hosted by Richard Nixon’s daughter Tricia in 1970; when she showed up with Chicago 7 defendant Abbie Hoffman as an escort, they were both turned away by guards
  • Drummer Spencer Dryden died in Jan 2005

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