Chart Position: 1

  • #19 bestseller for 1970
  • #402 on Rolling Stone magazines list of 500 greatest songs
  • Written and produced by Sly Stone
  • Vocals: Sly Stone, Larry Graham, Rose and Freddie Stone, Jerry Martini and Greg Errico
  • Guitar: Sly and Freddie Stone
  • Saxophone: Jerry Martini
  • Recorded in San Francisco CA
  • This is considered one of the most influential funk songs ever
  • This shared the ‘A’ side of a single with ‘Everybody Is a Star’ (1970)
  • The slap-bass technique by Larry Graham was new at the time
  • The lyrics include a listing of every hit Sly & the Family Stone had at that point in their career
  • Later re-recorded by Sly and the Family Stone as ‘Thank You for Talking to Me Africa’ (1971)
  • Later recorded by Hearts of Stone (1970), Terry Baxter (1970), Earl Van Dyke (1970), Junior Mance (1970), Jazz Crusaders (1970), Chords (1970), Melvin Sparks (1970), Rhoda Scott (1971), Wade Marcus (1971), Gladys Knight & the Pips (1973), Eddie Jefferson (1974), Magazine (1980), Merry Clayton (1980), Shango (1984), Michael Wolff (2000), Clinton Administration (2004), Jackson Five (2010), Dr. John (1994), Van Morrison (1994), George Semper (1996), Carmen Stokes (1995), Barry White (1999), Marcus Johnson (2010), Marcus Johnson (2010), Seal (2009), Post-Traumatic Funk Syndrome (2011), Soundgarden (2014), Mark Maxwell (2019) and many others

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