Chart Position: NR

  • Originally recorded by Reflections (1964)
  • Written by Bob Hamilton and Freddie Gorman
  • Vocals: Scott Simon, Donald York, John Marcellino, Dennis Greene, John Bauman, Lennie Baker, Scott Powell
  • Guitar: Elliot Randall
  • This is Sha Na Na’s biggest hit single
  • The 1978 incarnation of Sha Na Na had an appearance in the blockbuster film adaptation of Grease, as the fictional band Johnny Casino & the Gamblers
  • Also recorded by Peter’s Faces (1964), Roamers (1964), Staccatos (1965), Racket Squad (1967), Michael & Messengers (1967), Ultimate Spinach (1969), Joe Goldmark (1977), Mental as Anything (1980), Cools (1982), Inmates (1984), Scott Kempner (1992), Stephen Bishop (1994), Undertones (2004), Mike Stone (2007), Emerson Parris (2017), Aaron Michael (2018) and Conny & Duckies (2019)

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