Chart Position: 6

  • Written by Burton Cummings, Bill Wallace and Kurt Winter
  • Lead vocals: Burton Cummings
  • Guitar: Kurt Winter
  • Keyboards: Burton Cummings
  • Spoken vocals: Wolfman Jack
  • Produced by Jack Richardson
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA and Toronto Canada
  • This song is a tribute to ‘Wolfman’ Jack (real name Robert Smith), emcee of NBC-TV’s ‘The Midnight Special concert series
  • Todd Rundgren also recorded a tribute to the Wolfman titled ‘Wolfman Jack’
  • The Wolfman contributed rap vocals at several live dates when this song was performed
  • Later recorded by Spotnicks (1978), Burton Cummings (1996), Countdown Singers (1998 and Rowdymen (2005)

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