Chart Position: 23

  • Written by Joe Walsh, Joe Vitale, Rocke Grace and Kenny Passarelli
  • Guitar: Joe Walsh
  • Talk box: Joe Walsh
  • Keyboards: Joe Walsh, Joe Vitale
  • Backing vocals: Joe Vitale, Rocke Grace, Kenny Passarelli, Venetta Fields, Clydie King
  • Produced by Joe Walsh and Bill Szymczyk
  • Joe Walsh is a former member of James Gang
  • Joe Walsh is from Wichita KS
  • Later recorded by Michael Bolotin (1996), Flintlock (1996), Triumph (1977), Austin All Stars (1982), Party Boys (1985), Blue Miller (1999), Diesel (2000), Mountain (2004), Ozzy Osbourne (2005), Jackson Stone Band (2006), Rick Devin (2013), Midnite String Quartet (2014) and many others

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