Chart Position: 3

  • #13 bestseller for 1968
  • Written by Tommy James, Bo Gentry, Bobby Bloom and Ritchie Cordell
  • Lead vocals: Tommy James
  • Guitar: Tommy James, Eddie Gray
  • Keyboards: Tommy James
  • Recorded in New York City NY
  • Produced by Bo Gentry and Ritchie Cordell
  • Tommy James got the inspiration for this song from a sign for Mutual of New York located outside his apartment window in New York City
  • The “Mony Mony” refrain was sung by strangers off the streets of Broadway, brought in to the studio by the producers
  • Weird Al Yankovic parodied this song as ‘Alimony’ (1988)
  • Later recorded by Fantasticks (1968), Hollywood Youngsters (1968), Surfers (1968), Ricardo Ray Orchestra (1968), James Last (1968), Mohawks (1969), Axe (1973), Cela & the Mutations (1977), Flintlock (1978), Tight Fit (1981), Billy Idol (1987), Baby Tuckoo (1984), Julet Jones (1987), Amazulu (1987), Chipmunks & Chipettes (1988), Sugar Beats (1997), Status Quo (2000), Dynamo’s Rhythm Aces (2000), Mystic Eyes (2001), Aunt Sally (2001), Kingtinued (2001) and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (2009)

mony mony

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