Chart Position: 5

  • Written by Craig Atkinson, John Byrne, Roy Chaney, Ken Ellner and John Michalski
  • Lead vocals: Ken Ellner
  • Harmonica: Ken Ellner
  • Guitar: John Byrne, John Michalski
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA
  • The members of Count Five wore Dracula style capes when they played live
  • Count Five is from San Jose CA
  • This is Count Five’s biggest hit single
  • Rolling Stone writer Lester Bangs, in an essay paying homage to Count Five, attributed 4 albums to the band that they never actually recorded
  • Later recorded by Positively Thirteen O’Clock (1966), Jalopy Five (1966), Brenton Wood (1967), Joey Dee & Starlighters (1967), Fire Escape (1967), Leathercoated Minds (1967), Shockabilly (1982), Cramps (1983), Bananamen (1984), Nash the Slash (1984), Fuzztones (1987), Haunted Garage (1991), Tail Gators (1991), Tom Petty & Heartbreakers (1992), Shambles (1994), Mandible Chatter (2000), Skeletons (2004), Radiators from Space (2005) and Vibrators (2009)


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