Chart Position: 10

  • From the film The Last American Hero
  • Written by Charles Fox and Norman Gimble
  • Guitar: Jim Croce, Maury Muehlsson, Henry Gross
  • Keyboards: Tommy West
  • Produced by Terry Cashman and Tommy West
  • Recorded in New York City NY
  • Jim Croce died in a plane crash in Louisiana on Sep 20, 1973 at age 30. His lead guitarist Maury Muehlsson and the plane’s crew died in the crash with him
  • Like singer Buddy Holly’s death, he was on a chartered flight departing from a concert when he died; he had completed his final LP I Got a Name only one week earlier
  • This single was released one day after Jim Croce’s death
  • Later recorded by Helen Reddy (1974), Lena Horne (1975), Rex Allen Jr (1978), Sammy Kershaw (1997), Jerry Reed (1980), Troy Cassar-Daley (2004) and Annie Moses Band (2012)

i got a name

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