Chart Position: NR

  • Originally recorded by Ivana Spagna (1971)
  • Lead vocals: Ian Lloyd
  • Keyboards: Michael Brown
  • Written by Hubert Giraud; English lyrics by Phil Trim
  • Recorded in New York City NY
  • Michael Brown died in Mar 2015
  • This is Stories’ final hit single
  • Also recorded by Vince Tempera (1971), Hugo Montenegro (1971), Pop-Tops (1971), Le grande orchestra de Paul Mauriat (1971), Roger Whittaker (1971), James Last (1971), Ricky Shayne (1971), Air Mail (1971), Charisma (1971), Mike Curb Congregation (1972), Horace Andy (1972), Ambros Seelos (1972), Billy Vaughn (1972), Paul Kuhne (1974), Ken Boothe (1976), Demis Roussos (1988), Trombo Combo (2005) and many others

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