Chart Position: 3

  • #4 bestseller for 1965
  • Written by Sylvia Fricker
  • Lead vocals: Beverly Bivens
  • Backing vocals: Michael Stewart, Jerry Burgan, Pete Fullerton, Bob Jones
  • Guitar: Michel Stewart, Jerry Burgan, Beverly Bivens, Bob Jones
  • Produced by Frank Werber
  • Originally recorded by Ian & Sylvia (1964)
  • We Five is from San Francisco CA
  • This is We Five’s biggest hit single
  • Also recorded by Henchmen (1964), Chad Mitchell Trio (1965), Barry McGuire (1965), Crispian St. Peters (1966), Bobby Penn (1971), Jay & the Americans (1969), Susanna Hoffs (1992), Serena Ryder (2006), Shawn Colvin & Steve Earl (2016)

we five

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