Chart Position: 2

  • Written by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman
  • Lead vocals: Eric Stewart
  • Guitar: Graham Gouldman
  • Keyboards: Eric Stewart, Lol Crème, Kevin Godley
  • Backing vocals: Graham Gouldman, Lol Crème and Kevin Godley
  • Whispered vocals: Kathy Redfern
  • Produced by 10cc
  • Recorded in London U.K.
  • To create the song’s unique backing vocals, members of the band separately sang each of the notes in the chromatic scale. After multiple overdubs they then created a 256 voice chorus which simulated the choir sound on a mellotron, but with a richer sound
  • 10cc’s name came to their manager in a dream
  • Kathy Redford, who supplied the whispered line ‘Keep quiet, big boys don’t cry’ was the secretary at the band’s recording studio
  • The band was split over the merits of the original recording of this song, done in a bosa nova style; it was drummer Kevin Godley who hit on the unorthodox idea of creating a voice chorus which gave the song its unique style that made it an international hit
  • The voice chorus was copied by Billy Joel two years later in his big hit ‘Just the Way You Are’ (1977)
  • Eric Stewart is a former member of Wayne Fontana & Mindbenders
  • Later recorded by Herve Villard (1975), Dee Dee Sharp (1975), Top of the Pops (1975), Richie Havens (1976), Edwina Rigby (1979), Dana (1976), Petula Clark (1978), Brotherhood of Man (1980), Godly & Crème (1985), Paul Nicholas (1986), Richard Clayderman (1988), Will to Power (1991), Deni Hines (1998), Ian McShane (1992), Pretenders (1993), Devon Sinclair (1993), John O’Banion (1995), Outrageous Cherry (1996), BB Band (1999), Olive (2000), Grandaddy (2000), Tori Amos (2001), Gloritone (2001), Donny Osmond (2002), Orleya (2007), Rick Springfield (2005), Queen Latifah (2007), Lazlo Bane (2007), MacDonald Brothers (2008), Susan Wong (2009), Watching Colours (2010), Bobby Kimball (2010), Marwie (2012), Mektar & Rick Wakeman (2012), Julie Fordham (2014), Meg Birch (2014), Rick Wakeman (2017)  and many others



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