Chart Position: 1

  • #33 bestseller for 1966
  • Won Best performance by a vocal group Grammy award
  • #6 on Rolling Stone magazines list of 500 greatest songs
  • #24 on Recording Industry of America’s ‘Songs of the Century’
  • #70 on Rolling Stone magazines list of 100 greatest pop songs
  • Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love
  • Lead vocals: Mike Love, Carl Wilson
  • Backing vocals: Brian Wilson
  • Keyboards: Dennis Wilson, Al De Lory, Larry Knechtel
  • Harmonica: Tommy Morgan
  • Electro-Theremin: Paul Tanner
  • Produced by Brian Wilson
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA
  • This is the first pop song to use a cello for rhythm
  • It took 6 months, four studios, over 90 hours of recording and 15 to 20 versions before song architect Brian Wilson was happy with the sound
  • At a cost of $50,000 in 1966 dollars it was at the time the most expensive single ever produced
  • Brian Wilson’s mother gave him the idea about vibrations with her remark that dogs could pick up on bad vibrations from people
  • Later recorded by Peter Knight Singers (1967), Floyd Cramer (1967), Hollyridge Strings (1967), Gordon Beck Quartet (1968), Charlie McCoy (1968), Hugo Montenegro (1969), Cowsills (1969), Chambers Brothers (1973), Kenny Rogers & First Edition (1973), Shadows (1973), Troggs (1975), Todd Rundgren (1976), Glen Campbell (1977), Rick Ruskin (1977), Swingle II (1979), Jan and Dean (1982), Russ Abbot (1985), Mendicants (1987), Psychic TV (1986), King’s Singers (1993), Phil Keaggy (2002), Kate Dimbleby (1995), Mighty Echoes (2006), Brian Wilson (2004), Chris Farmer (2008), Lady Killers (2009), Wilson Phillips (2012), Adrian Baker (2013), Jarrod Spector (2014) and many others



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