Chart Position: 3

  • Originally recorded by Roy Orbison (1963)
  • Written by Joe Melson and Roy Orbison
  • Backing vocals: Don Henley
  • Guitar: Waddy Wachtel, Ed Black, Kenny Edwards, Danny Kortchmar
  • Keyboards: Spooner Oldham, John Boylan
  • Produced by Peter Asher
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA
  • Also recorded by Mike Redway (1953), Frank Ifield (1966), Hillsiders (1972), Allison Durbin (1978), Hargus “Pig” Robbins (1978), Tielman Brothers (1979), Piet Veerman and New Cats (1980), Billie Jo Spears (1981), Ian B. MacLeod (1981), Keith Barrie (1983), Tina Rainford (1990), Max Greger (1995), Cox Family (1995),  A-Mei (2001), David Hasselhoff (2004), Texas Lightning (2005), Idea of North (2007), Betty Adel (2007), Norah Jones feat. M. Ward (2008), Nate Jaeger (2010), Gina Jeffreys (2010), Chris de Burgh (2011) and many others

blue bayou

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