Chart Position: 1

  • #1 bestseller for 1971
  • Written by Hoyt Axton
  • Lead vocals: Chuck Negron
  • Backing vocals: Corey Wells and Danny Hutton
  • Guitar: Michael Allsup
  • Keyboards: Jimmy Greenspoon
  • Recorded in Los Angeles
  • Produced by Richard Podolor
  • This is Three Dog Night’s biggest hit single
  • This song was originally intended by the author for a children’s television program
  • The first line ‘Jeremiah was a bullfrog’ was intended by writer Axton as a filler line until he came up with something better; Three Dog Night liked the line and requested it be kept as is
  • Later recorded by James Last (1971), Hoyt Axton (1971), Lynn Anderson (1971), Conway Twitty (1971), Stonewall Jackson (1971), Little Richard (1971), Diane Solomon (1974), Cosmoalpha (1994), Mariah Carey (1994), Chuck Negron (1999), Supremes and Four Tops (2009) and Stuck in the Middle (2008)

joy to the world


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