Chart Position: 13

  • Written by Jon Anderson and Steve Howe
  • Lead vocals: Jon Anderson
  • Guitar: Steve Howe
  • Keyboards: Rick Wakeman
  • Backing vocals: Steve Howe and Chris Squire
  • Produced by Yes and Eddie Offord
  • Recorded in London U.K.
  • The song was inspired by a tour that took the band to the Scottish coast and northern England
  • The lake mentioned in the song is Loch Ness in Scotland, home of the legendary deep sea monster
  • The LP version of the song, over 8 minutes in length, was edited down to 3:27 for U.S. radio airplay
  • The odd sound that begins the song is a piano recording played backwards
  • Rick Wakeman had joined the YES lineup as keyboardist in Autumn 1971
  • YES album jacket designer Roger Dean later designed sets for Live YES concerts
  • Later recorded by Robin Crow (1991), M. Walking on the Water (1993), Robert Berry (1995), Asia (2007) and Les Fradkin (2010)


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