Chart Position: 12

  • Written by Don McLean
  • Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch Impressionistic painter who died in 1890
  • Guitar: Don McLean
  • Produced by Ed Freeman
  • Recorded in New York City NY
  • McLean was looking at a print of one of Van gogh’s most famous paintings ‘A Starry Night’ when he wrote the song’s lyrics
  • McLean wanted the 1972 LP American Pie and not just the title song to be a landmark recording; but the title song overwhelmed all other songs
  • This song is played frequently at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • McLean’s first LP Tapestry in 1970 was rejected by 34 different record labels before United artists agreed to distribute it
  • Later recorded by Chet Atkins (1972), Euson (1975), Lani Hall (1972), Fausto Papetti (1973), Jane Olivor (1976), Bollock Brothers (1983), King’s Singers (1989), Julio Iglesias (1990), Justin Hayward (1994), Evan Marshall (1990), Vonda Shepard (1999), Josh Groban (2001), NOFX (1996), Sixth Wave (2002), Rick Astley (2005), Alana (2008) and many others

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