Chart Position: 1

  • Written by Christopher Cross
  • Won Best Song, Record of the Year and Best Arrangement Grammy awards
  • Guitar: Christopher Cross
  • Produced by Michael Omartian
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA
  • Inspired by summers Cross spent as a teenager sailing with a friend in Texas
  • This is one of the first digitally recorded songs
  • Later recorded by Four Freshmen (1986), Kris Isak (1993), Amii Stewart (1995), NSYNC (1998), David Young (2000), Martin Jude (2001), Emmerson Nogueira (2003), Barry Manilow (2007), George Benson (2009), Eddie “Gip” Noble (2004), Jim Van Slyke (2006) and Hayden Tee (2009)

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