Chart Position: 24

  • Lead vocals: Harry Chapin and John Wallace
  • Written by Harry Chapin
  • Guitar: Harry Chapin
  • Recorded in New York City NY
  • Inspired by real events in Harry Chapin’s life
  • Harry Chapin is from New York City NY
  • The middle section, sung by bass player Mike Wallace, is taken from a Sylvia Plath poem
  • San Franciscans despise the term Frisco that is used in this song to denote their city
  • Harry Chapin released a sequel to this song ‘Sequel’ in 1980 just a few months before he died in an auto accident; he had jokingly said if there was another sequel it would have to be titled ‘Hearse’ because he would kill off the characters
  • Later recorded by Mandy Patinkin (1994), Lee Hazlewood (1973) and RogerHernandez w/Marty Gassner (2003)

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