Chart Position: NR

  • Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
  • Lead vocals: John Lennon
  • Keyboards: John Lennon
  • Guitar: George Harrison, Paul McCartney
  • Backing vocals: George Harrison, Mike Sammes Singers
  • Produced by George Martin
  • Recorded in London U.K.
  • #26 on Pitchfork Medias 200 greatest songs of the sixties
  • From the television production Magical Mystery Tour, which was televised only in the U.K. on Dec 26 1967
  • This is the ‘b’ side of ‘Hello Goodbye’ (1967)
  • Lennon composed this song after reading a fan letter from Liverpool U.K.’s Quarry Bank High School, who claimed that the headmaster at the school assigned students to study Beatle song lyrics for ‘significance’; Lennon told friend Pete Shotton ‘Let ’em figure this one out’ as he concocted the extremely bizarre lyrics
  • Lennon became bitter that this song was not chosen as an equal ‘a’ side with the Paul McCartney-penned Hello Goodbye”
  • The song’s opening notes on mellotron were inspired one night when Lennon heard an ambulance wailing outside his window
  • The walrus is a character in Lewis Carroll’s story The Walrus and the Carpenter
  • The fadeout includes excerpts from a BBC radio broadcast of William Shakespeare’s King Lear
  • The BBC banned this song from the airwaves for supposed drug references
  • Later recorded by Hollyridge Strings (1968), Lord Sitar (1968), Bud Shank (1968), Spooky Tooth (1970), John Otway (1991), Oasis (1994), Jim Carrey (1998), Trio Rococo (1994), Foetus (1996), Swingle Sisters (2002), J.J. Burnell (2005), Styx (2005), and Bono & Secret Machines (2007)



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