Chart Position: 2

  • #24 bestseller for 1972
  • Lead vocals: Allan Clarke
  • Written by Allan Clarke, Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook
  • Clarke left the band at about the time this song started its climb up the charts, but he rejoined once the song became a huge hit
  • This is Hollies’ biggest U.S. hit single
  • Clarke had originally intended for this song to be a solo effort
  • The LP Distant Light that this song appears on was released a full year before the song was released as a single
  • Later recorded by Phantom, Atlanta (1984), Rocker and Slick (1986), Charlie Sexton (1990), Rockapella (1992), Borderline (1994),  John Easdale (1995), T.G. Sheppard (1997),  One Riot One Ranger (2002), Robert Gordon (2004) and Clint Black (2008)




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