Chart Position: 4

  • #32 bestseller for 1969
  • Originally recorded, but not released, in 1966
  • Written by Stevie Wonder, Henry Cosby and Sylvia Rose Moy
  • Keyboards: Stevie Wonder
  • Produced by Hank Cosby
  • Other instruments: Funk Brothers
  • Recorded in Detroit MI
  • This is an autobiographical account of a woman Stevie Wonder met during his time at Michigan School for the Blind in Lansing MI
  • Later recorded by Jackson Five (1969), George Benson (1969), John Davidson (1969), Gary McFarland (1969), Tony Bennett (1969), Ernie Watts Encounter (1972), Quincy Jones (1975), Boney M. (1985), Mina (1987), Nylons (1996), James Galway (1999), Frankie Valli (2007), Gilbert Montagne (2006) and others

my cherie

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