Chart Position: 32

  • Vocals: Vet Stewart, Mary McCreary and Elva Mouton
  • Written and produced by Sly Stone
  • The all-female group started as a gospel outfit in Oakland CA called Heavenly Tones
  • After a stint singing backing vocals for Sly and the Family Stone, they started making their own recordings
  • This is the first well-known recording to have the rhythm track created on a drum machine
  • Originally recorded by Sly and the Family Stone (1969)
  • Little Sister is from San Francisco CA
  • This is Little Sister’s only hit single
  • Mary McCreary later married musician Leon Russell
  • Little Sister disbanded in 1975


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  1. tad says:

    Wow — I just learned something! I thot this was some 4got10, overlooked Sly & the Family Stone track, & it sounds just like them tho it’s VERY quiet. Turns out 1 of the trio’s members is Sly’s sister, Vanetta Stewart. Released on Sly’s Stone Flower label. This was probly 2 downbeat 2 ever B a big hit, but it sticks w/ U…. Another mystery solved!

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