Chart Position: NR

  • Written and produced by Joni Mitchell
  • Guitar: Joni Mitchell
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA
  • Joni Mitchell is from Alberta Canada
  • Lyrics make mention of DDT, a chemical insecticide that was banned in the seventies by the E.P.A.
  • The ‘Pink Hotel’ in the song is the Royal Hawaiian, where Mitchell was once a guest
  • At one time in the early seventies Joni Mitchell dated Graham Nash, David Crosby and James Taylor
  • Later recorded by Neighborhood (1970), Kentucky Express (1971), Bob Dylan (1973), Amy Grant (1994), Joni Mitchell (1975), Big Country (1996), Pinhead Gunpowder (1992), Sugar Beats (1993), Jade (2003), Counting Crows (2002), Nena (2007), Lindsay Thomas Morgan (2007), Harvard Opportunes (2003), Susan Wong (2010), Charlie Dee (2009), Marty Fletcher (2009), Tomas Nicholas (2010), Joni Mitchell Project (2010), Sarah McKenzie (2012), Suzanne Sheridan (2012) and many others

big yellow



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