Chart Position: NR

Released Dec 1969

  • Written by Michael Giles, Greg Lake, Robert Fripp, Ian McDonald and Peter Sinfield
  • Lead vocals: Greg Lake
  • Guitar: Robert Fripp
  • Keyboards: Ian McDonald
  • Woodwinds: Ian McDonald
  • Backing vocals: Michael Giles, Ian McDonald
  • Produced by King Crimson
  • Recorded in London U.K.
  • The song received a lot of radio airplay on college-oriented stations
  • Due to the song’s 9:25 length, it was split into 2 parts for the single
  • Artist Barry Godber died only a few months after painting the cover of the 1969 King Crimson debut LP ‘In the Court of the Crimson King’
  • Greg Lake departed the band in 1970 to help form Emerson Lake and Palmer
  • This is King Crimson’s biggest U.S. hit single
  • Later recorded by Doc Severinsen (1970), M. Walking on the Water (1993), Swinghufvuds (1993), Lizartd (1999), Saxon (2001), 21st Century Schizoid Band (2002), Zaq (2004), Asia (2007), Cannata (2009), Crimson Jazz Trio (2009), Stephen Bennett (2010), Deep Schrott (2010), Richard Sanderson (2010), Jim Manley (2011), Greg Lake (2013), Fernando Perdomo (2019) and many others

king crimson



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